Who am I?

At work I am a digital sales and marketing coach.
Is this who I am?
Am I my job title?
Is this ALL I am? No.
My identity is not fixed to what I do.
Will my job change in a year? 10 years? Possibly.
Does my work make me who I am?
Or IS IT ME that makes my work what it is?
Does my job title need to be congruent with the ideas I share?
Do I need to have a qualification to have different and new ideas? No.
My identity is fluid.
My identity is dynamic.
Am I what other people think I am?
Am I other people’s opinions?
Am I what the critics think I am?
Am I my most recent post on LinkedIn? No.
Is there only one way?
Is there only right and wrong?
Is there only nothing or perfect? No.
I am whatever and whoever I want to be.
Who I NEED to be.
I am my ideas.
I am my thoughts.
I am my past. My future.
I am imperfect.
I am figuring out as I go.
Just like you.
Stop waiting for perfect.
Stop asking for permission.
Stop protecting yourself from failure.
Stop letting other people’s opinions hold you back.
Stop pretending you’ve figured it all out.
Stop getting in your own way.
Start sharing your thoughts.
Start sharing your ideas.
Start putting yourself out there.
Start shaping your own identity.
Start today.
Start NOW.

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