Where’s letter V?

Well…I’ve taken a few weeks off from publishing a letter to spend more time on bringing a few thoughts and ideas together.

I’ve also been struggling to find a flow in a few topics that I’ve been writing about. I’ve been writing every day, but nothing feels quite ready for a letter. It’s frustrating, but it’s part of my process.

So, after 4 weeks of sending out a letter on a weekly basis, I’ve learned how much work I want to put into these letters, and maybe I won’t always been in a position to send a letter every single week.

That being said, I think there’s a little perfectionism going on here, and I’m putting too much pressure on myself. Thinking back to why I started this letter in the first place – I knew that I would have some challenges a long the way. That’s exactly why I started this project – to challenge myself to write more, and find out what I’m capable of.

This is my first major challenge, and I know that I need to break through it to get better.

What I’m saying is that I haven’t disappeared, I’m still thinking about this project and you every day.

Thanks for your support so far 🙂