Where is there certainty?

There are a lot of posts on LinkedIn about ‘these uncertain times’ and people are freaking out.

And rightly so.

There’s a lot of change happening on the daily and we feel threatened by these changes. Much of it is completely outside of our control.

It creates an unbalance in our lives, and it’s exhausting.

What I know is that it’s difficult to cope with change on a daily basis if you only focus on what’s changing.

So, for today, grab some pen and paper and write out a list of what’s not changing.

Where is there certainty in these uncertain times?

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Here’s my quick list of things that are certain:

  • Today. Right now.
  • Making my bed.
  • Reading my book.
  • Writing this list.
  • Nothing is unending.
  • Things will change. For the better. For the worse.
  • There will be both good and bad.
  • I am alive.
  • What I choose to do.
  • What I choose not to do.
  • A smile.
  • My thoughts.
  • A conversation.
  • A phone call.
  • Electricity.
  • Notepad and pen.
  • Ink comes out of my pen.
  • I will need to go to the bathroom.
  • Water out of the tap.
  • Wind. Clouds. Rain.
  • The trees in the park.
  • The grass on the ground.
  • Ice. Puddles.
  • Ducks. Swans. Coots.
  • Coffee in my mug.
  • I wake up. I go to sleep.
  • Tomorrow. (Mostly certain)
  • Hope. Regret. Apologies.
  • Questions. Answers. Solutions to problems.
  • Happiness. Anger. Frustration. Joy.
  • Kindness.
  • Time.
  • Love for my children.
  • I have my mind. I can see, hear, feel.
  • Tidying up after my kids. Bricks. Food. Jam.
  • Everything dies. (Certain)