YOU are what makes your work special…

When Abby Wambach retired from professional soccer she had a difficult period of adjustment where she was afraid that losing soccer meant that she was losing herself.

Like most of us, a large part of our identity is shaped by the work we do.

We’ll all have to deal with the same challenge as Abby at some point in our careers – whether it’s something we control, or not.

Abby’s partner, Glennon Doyle, wrote this for Abby when she’s was struggling to figure out what retirement meant for her:

I don’t think the magic was on the field, Abby. I think the magic is inside of you. I think you’ll carry it with you until you die. *From out here, Abby, it is crystal clear that soccer didn’t make you special – you made soccer special.* You have lost nothing. You take it all with you. Soccer led us to you. Now we’ll follow. Not because of you as an athlete, because of you, my Abby.

You see, your work doesn’t make you who you are. You bring who you are to your work. And you get to take who you are to wherever you go next.

You don’t lose anything when you move on to something new, because you take you along with you.

It’s you that makes your work special.

Please don’t forget that.

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