Why we can’t communicate…

This is why we can’t communicate effectively with each other anymore:

  1. For me to be right, you have to be wrong
  2. How your words impact my feelings is more compelling than your good intentions
  3. It’s safer for me to speak my ‘unfiltered truth’ online with you rather than face-to-face
  4. My experience is more valid than yours
  5. I much prefer spending all my time with people that agree with me
  6. I secretly disclose our disagreements with my people instead of creating a dialogue with you privately and directly
  7. In order to be heard I must be louder and more aggressive than you
  8. I need you to hear and understand my perspective
  9. I’m here to change your mind, not for you to change mine
  10. We have to agree on everything if we want to get along with each other

As human beings we all want to be seen, heard and understood, and to make that happen we have to:

Help people to feel seen, by
listening deeply to what they are trying to say, by
being curious and compassionate enough to understand the world from their perspective.

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