Where does wisdom come from?

  1. Wisdom is not transferred easily like knowledge can be. You have to create your own wisdom through working on your own problems, challenges and mistakes.
  2. Don’t confuse inspiration for wisdom. Wisdom is not a motivational quote. You can be inspired by other people’s wisdom, but you still have to put that inspiration to work for yourself and create your own wisdom.
  3. Don’t rely on other sources of knowledge as your first option to solve problems. Create your own wisdom by exhausting your own resources working on problems, challenges and ideas. Create something of your own.
  4. Dismiss your dependence on thought leaders telling you the way and what to think and say. Think for yourself and carve your own path.
  5. No single person or group of people own truth and wisdom – there’s an infinite amount of space and time for creating wisdom. Everyone has the opportunity to create their own.

In short, wisdom comes from developing self-awareness and becoming a student of your own life.

What would you add?

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