Are you too busy looking for ‘the right job’ instead of working on becoming a better team player?

Is it possible that there are too many people searching for ‘the right job’ rather than working harder on becoming a better team player…?

I know this discussion is not for everyone – some people are working in toxic cultures and should get the f*ck out of there. Sharpish.

What I’m talking about here is the middle. The grey. The nuance. The area between feeling truly happy and fulfilled at work, and working in a toxic culture.

Often times when we’re unhappy at work, the most common and conventional advice is to “go and get a new job.”

A few years ago, as I struggled with the transition from entrepreneur to employee this was the advice I heard time and time again.

Sure…getting a new job could be a solution. But it seemed just a little too straightforward to me. A little too simple. A distraction from more important work.

I knew deep down that it wasn’t the work that was making me unhappy, but that I was unhappy, and I took that unhappiness to my work with me. And there’s a big difference.

Worst case scenario – I spend a lot of time and energy trying to get a new job, and in the end I end up taking my unhappy self with me. Nothing really changes. In fact, I could end up seriously worse off.

So, instead of even looking for a new job, I challenged myself – is it possible that I could be happier at work? What can I change to help me be happier at work? What conditions do I need to create to do my best work?

Knowing that I truly own my happiness, I need to take full responsibility for it. It’s up to me to do something about it. To focus on what I have complete control over.

So…getting a new job might seem like good advice, but there are times when it really is the easier option. The more difficult, and arguably more important work, is staying where you are and working on finding joy and happiness in your own relationship with your work.

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