How to respond when you make a mistake at work

You made a mistake at work. It happens to us all. However, it’s how you respond to the mistake that matters the most.

How can you turn this mistake into an opportunity for personal and professional growth?

  1. Admit it, own it, apologise for it
  2. Take responsibility and clean up my own mess
  3. Don’t make the mistake of thinking I’ve got nothing left to learn
  4. Show respect by listening to my manager and peers
  5. Take on the feedback so I can learn and grow
  6. Am I Being coachable in this moment? (If I was coaching me, what would I be thinking?)
  7. What am I learning about my own level of self-awareness?
  8. There’s always the possibility that I could be wrong?
  9. Making a mistake is painful, but staying ignorant will be more painful in the long term
  10. How is my behaviour being observed by my peers?
  11. What can others learn from my mistake?

What’s something you’d like to work on? What would you add?

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