Resentment & Self-Sabotage

When I act and behave in a way that goes against my own values and principles, it’s often as a response to what other people have or haven’t done or said.

It can be an act of punishment – “f*ck you, and if you don’t care [about this thing] then why should I?”

It’s also about me creating expectations for other people’s behaviour based on my own values, which is always going to backfire.

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What arises is anger, frustration, and the feeling that is mostly prominent in these moments is resentment.

Until this week I thought I resented other people, which, of course, is not a good place to be…but the truth is that I end up resenting myself.

The resentment is for not being true to myself and my own values. For not living with integrity.

So, instead of being easily swayed by other people’s actions and behaviour, and ultimately self-sabotaging, I must come back to my values, do the right thing, and live and act with integrity.

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