What can you rely on when things are uncertain?

I’ve had a number of major ‘career’ transitions this past 10 years.

A highlight reel:

  1. Left home to start my first management job (19)
  2. Employee to student (at 29)
  3. Student to entrepreneur (at 31)
  4. Entrepreneur to employee (at 38)

Of course, there’s always uncertainty when making big changes and decisions, but when I look back I never really got bogged down or distracted by the uncertainty.

Why is that?

About 18 months ago me and a friend were both going through a major career change, and although we had both landed in a good place, we were both unsure about many things.

That’s when we changed our thinking.

Instead of worrying about what’s uncertain (not within our control), we focused on what is certain (what we have complete control over).

Here’s a quick list of what we could rely on:

  1. Our work ethic and willingness to do the work
  2. Our ability to study and learn quickly
  3. Our ability to get on with and help other people

For me, knowing that these three factors are always within my complete control gives me the certainty that I will do well wherever I end up.

Over to you…

What can you rely on when things in your life are uncertain?

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