What do I *really* own?

There are many things that I used to think I owned.

However, if someone can take it away from me, I don’t truly own it. And if I don’t truly own it, then I don’t have complete control over it.

Here are two short lists to help compare…

List 1 – Things that people can take away from me (things I don’t have complete control over):

  • Status
  • Reputation
  • Salary/money
  • Job/work

List 2 – Things people can’t take away from me (things I have complete control over):

  • Character
  • Philosophy
  • Wisdom
  • Self-control
  • Mindset

So, looking at these lists:

Q. Where am I focusing my attention and effort right now?
Q. The external, or the internal?
Q. The inputs, or the outputs?
Q. Where am I likely to find true happiness?

…List 1, or list 2? 👇🏻

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