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I believe that wisdom can only be created through our own action and effort. We do that by exhausting our own resources working on problems, ideas, and asking ourselves tough questions. Here you will find (almost) daily posts of the things I'm trying to figure out for myself. Have a quick scroll through and see if you can find something that interests you :)

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Letter IV Published

Letter IV published on 23rd February.

This was a few days later than I hoped.

I really struggled with getting a structure around the topic, and that was mainly because I had more stories and tips than I could include in the letter.

I also wasn’t writing enough each day. It has been a pretty crazy few weeks between work and home life, and the impact of not taking time each day to write was starting to show.

Lesson: Keep up the habit of writing each day, and when it comes to writing and publishing a letter it will be easier.


“Until you respect yourself, you won’t respect your time.

Therefore, how often you say no becomes the scorecard for how much respect you have for yourself.”

Letter III Published

Letter III published on 13th February 2019.


“Six years ago, when I started my business, Mum was one of the first people to help and support me. She helped me with the bookkeeping and the admin. We all know it’s a necessary part of any business, but I’m rubbish at it. My mum, on the other hand, is not.

For a while it was fine. But we struggled as soon as there was financial pressure, and eventually we fell out. We reconciled only when my Step-Dad wrote a letter to me.

It was a low point for us both. I was sad. Mum was upset. Ugh. It was all my fault.

My relationship with Mum was deteriorating, and all because of something I had created.

It wasn’t just that I was making decisions that Mum wasn’t comfortable with, or that I was taking risks that Mum couldn’t understand. It wasn’t that the business was failing.

The real issue was that we weren’t communicating with each other in the best way.”

Letter II Published

Letter II published on 7th February 2019.


“The first step towards becoming a world class communicator is to change your mindset and philosophy. You have to give up:

  • Trying to convince other people that you are right
  • Thinking you are better than other people
  • Trying to look smart or more clever than other people

In other words, we must be more humble with what we know and what we don’t.”

Letter I Published

Letter I published on 30th January 2019.


“I was thinking…if I could go back and tell my 14 year-old self what I needed to do to fully embrace personal development as part of my life – to be more effective, to move a little faster, to be more clear about the journey – what advice would I give myself?”