How to control your anger…

Journal entry from 13th January 2021:

“Just let it all go! Who cares? What are you trying to prove? That you can be more miserable than anyone else for longer?”

How to control your anger:

  1. Let go of everything you cannot control
  2. Don’t let your ideals become expectations
  3. Everyone is trying their best
  4. You can’t change the past
  5. Take a moment before responding
  6. Anger doesn’t look good on you
  7. You won’t change people’s mind by shouting at them
  8. Choose your fights carefully
  9. People need to make their own mistakes
  10. Let go of perfectionism
  11. It’s probably none of your business
  12. Don’t make assumptions
  13. Don’t take it personally (It’s not about you)
  14. Don’t let other people carry you away from your principles and values
  15. Don’t let your ego control your behaviour

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