On becoming a mentor…

At our final team meeting of the year I asked: ‘Name one person, and what they did, that had a dramatic impact on you in the last year.’

It opened up a powerful conversation where we expressed recognition and gratitude for the people that have helped us.

There were three types of people that had an impact on all of us:

1. Mentors – Someone to learn from
2. Peers – Someone to challenge us
3. Mentees – Someone to teach

One person went as far to say that the person that had *the single greatest impact* on him this year was his understudy and mentee – isn’t that interesting?

He’s had many teachers throughout his professional career, but only one or two mentee’s.

It’s all too common to discuss the benefits of mentorship from the perspective of the mentee, and rare to consider the benefits of becoming the mentor and how that leads to a dramatic shift in personal growth.

There are three levels of learning that we all have to go through – we have to study, then practice and the final stage of learning is to teach.

As leaders, I wonder what would happen if we helped everyone at work to become great mentors? How dramatic would the impact be on professional growth, and the growth of the company as a whole?

What’s front of mind for you?

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