List #1 – Things that make me feel better / worse

Things that make me feel better…

Getting to bed early
Getting up before the kids
Going for a walk every day
Less sugar
No caffeine after morning coffee
Drinking water
Eating regularly
Creating something
Reading a book
Telling my kids I love them
Reading stories to my kids
A back scratch from Cara
Playing guitar
Listening to music
Watching my favourite movies
Brushing my teeth
Spending time with Cara
Phoning my Mum
Time on my own
Getting washed and dressed (before midday!)
A tidy home
Keeping in touch with friends

Things that make me feel worse…

Eating late at night
Pointlessly scrolling social media
Not having a plan
Not feeling in control
Last minute changes
Drinking caffeine before bed
Not going to bed at the same time as Cara
Not leaving the house for days at a time
Holding on to an angry thought
Dad guilt
Shouting at my kids
Letting people down
Not feeling confident
Not getting eight hours sleep
Taking on too much at work
Beating myself up
Judging others
Crowds of people
Leaving it too long to visit my grandparents
Not tidying up after myself
The news