Letter III Published

Letter III published on 13th February 2019.


“Six years ago, when I started my business, Mum was one of the first people to help and support me. She helped me with the bookkeeping and the admin. We all know it’s a necessary part of any business, but I’m rubbish at it. My mum, on the other hand, is not.

For a while it was fine. But we struggled as soon as there was financial pressure, and eventually we fell out. We reconciled only when my Step-Dad wrote a letter to me.

It was a low point for us both. I was sad. Mum was upset. Ugh. It was all my fault.

My relationship with Mum was deteriorating, and all because of something I had created.

It wasn’t just that I was making decisions that Mum wasn’t comfortable with, or that I was taking risks that Mum couldn’t understand. It wasn’t that the business was failing.

The real issue was that we weren’t communicating with each other in the best way.”