How to encourage your kids to love reading…

If we try to make our kids love reading it’ll likely lead to them hating it.

If you’re like me, I’m sure you would like your kids to grow up with a love for reading.

So, as parents, what can we do to help encourage them to read more?

Here are a few ideas to nudge them along:

  1. Let them see you reading physical books
  2. Show respect for your own books
  3. Build a library for the family
  4. Read them stories aloud at bedtime, and enjoy that time
  5. Display the subtitles on the TV
  6. Create scheduled reading/quiet time at the weekend
  7. Take them with you to the book shop
  8. Get them a library card and spend time there
  9. Leave books lying around
  10. Re-read their favourite books
  11. Take turns reading aloud to each other
  12. Let them pick their books
  13. Designate a place/room for reading

What something that’s worked (or not worked) for you?

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