Help others while helping yourself

I ask a lot of questions, and occasionally people will ask me where these questions come from.

What I’ve found to be true is that if I’m working through something myself, there’s a really good chance that other people have the need to work on that thing too.

And so, I turn my personal challenges into questions.

Here are a few incisive questions I’ve been asking recently:

  1. Why does your work matter?
  2. What excites you the most about your work?
  3. How does your work help you to feel fulfilled?
  4. In what ways does your work inspire you to do your best work?

These questions have opened up some incredible conversations with individuals and teams, and have not only helped me to learn more about the people I’m working with, but others are learning things about themselves and their teammates that they weren’t aware of before.

The added bonus is that these conversations help me to get more clear on the answers I’m looking for, too. I can help others while also helping myself.

That’s the power of great questions combined with genuine curiosity.

Over to you:

  1. What are you struggling with or working on right now?
  2. Is it possible turn that into a question?
  3. Can you see how you can help others, and help yourself at the same time?

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