How to have a great day at work…

I can’t control everything, but there are many things I can do to increase the likelihood of a great day at work:

  1. Don’t make it about me
  2. Have in mind what I’d like, and accept what I get
  3. Let go of perfectionism so I can move forward
  4. Respond with kindness, politeness, understanding and compassion
  5. Don’t get defensive
  6. Don’t take things personally
  7. Let go of the need to be right
  8. Let go of the need for recognition
  9. See beyond the surface level of what’s happening
  10. See people as complex individuals – I don’t know everything that’s going on
  11. I won’t be physically harmed
  12. I can only control my own thoughts actions to events that happen today
  13. Find the good in every situation

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