On giving Cara more space…

Cara has an unwavering vision for the future of our family, and she’s determined to make it all happen.

She’s also the hardest working person I’ve ever known.

When she’s knackered after a tough week being a mum and leading Gillies & Mackay, she will go into the weekend with an activity plan for the kids, get the food shopping done, run the kids wherever they need to go, do the laundry…

She’s incredible.

But she has no space for putting herself first.

As it happens, I have quite a lot of time in my days to put myself first, and I don’t do enough.

Here are a few changes we’re making so Cara can make that time.

  1. We now have a second car so I can do the school & nursery run in the morning. This means Cara can get up early, get to work on her own time, and come home early.
  2. I’ve taken total responsibility for the laundry. This means Cara doesn’t have to spend any time or energy thinking about it. One less thing.
  3. Next, I’m planning to cook at least one meal a week for the family.

We all need a little time in our days that we can call our own and prioritise doing something that makes us happy.

When was the last time you looked at your partner and asked “do they have any space for putting themselves first?”

What’s a change you could make to help create more space?

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