How to deal with change at work…

Working in a fast-paced industry (marketing & sales) with a rapidly evolving organisation (IMPACT) requires a measured temperament for change.

Like me, I’m sure you’ve reacted to change in a way that doesn’t align with your values and principles.

Self-awareness in these moments is how we learn to respond better to new ideas.

Here are my personal lessons on change at work:

  1. While a few things are changing, most things stay the same
  2. Everything is born from change and most change will be good for me
  3. I get to choose how and when change affects me
  4. Most change happens slowly over time – It’s not as immediate as I first think
  5. Don’t act and behave like the change is actually happening when it’s simply ideas that are being discussed
  6. If I try to protect myself I will stifle good ideas
  7. Some change won’t affect me at all, and certainly not as much as I think
  8. I have more control over how change affects me and my work than I first think
  9. I only have control over how I respond. I cannot control everything
  10. It’s not about me

Writing these statements has helped me to appreciate and accept my role in change at work.

Ultimately, I can either lead and shape the changes that take place, or be dragged along.

I know which I’d prefer.


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