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“If it doesn’t exist you really have no right to talk about it”

I watched a video from Joe Satriani (guitarist) today. He said:

”If it doesn’t exist you really have no right to talk about it. If you are brave enough to take that first step and put that first stroke of paint on the canvas or lay down that first rhythm part, then you have the right to talk about it further and get other people involved”

I thought to myself…”Ok, I better get to work then! I won’t talk to anyone about this project until it’s done. That’s the challenge. Just do it, and don’t tell a soul.”

It’s all too common set goals and immediately sharing them with the world. But it’s just more distracting noise about a thing they might do, rather than something they actually produced that adds real value.

Two other examples:

  1. Architects (band) – you don’t hear about their new album until the first single is released.
  2. Ryan Holiday (author) – you don’t hear anything about his new book until it’s being published.

So, what’s the lesson? Creating something people want to talk about is more important than talking about something you haven’t yet created.

Anyone can talk a good game about what they are going to do. What’s rare is getting the head down, staying quiet and getting the work done.

It’s the quiet ones we should be watching!

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Don’t do it for success. Do it to SUCK LESS!

Suck Less

What could you get better at if you did it every day for 100 days?

Pretty much anything, right?

This is Austin Kleon’s philosophy and I love it!

I pick up my guitar every day anyway, but I’ve picked a very particular song to practice every day so I can SUCK LESS at it.

I’ve got the chart on my wall, I’m checking off the numbers, it only takes a few days to build up a chain…and now it’s up to me not to break it!

What would you like to SUCK LESS at over the next 100 days?

Go get the printable chart from Austin’s website here.

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Setting goals for 2021…

Personal goal setting tips:

  1. Start your goal setting in October
  2. Don’t share your goals with others
  3. Once set, focus on activities and behaviours not outcomes

Tips for success:

  1. Build the activities into your identity
  2. Don’t rely on internal motivation
  3. Don’t rely on external recognition
  4. Create a routine that makes it easy for you
  5. Don’t let a bad day ruin your week/year

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