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What’s good for the organisation is good for me

As an employee there will be occasions where I won’t understand fully why we’re doing things. Sometimes I won’t be able to see the bigger picture or have clarity on the context.

And there’s one thing that I need to accept and get clear on – there’s only one person that has the principal responsibility for charting and protecting the future of the organisation…and that’s the CEO.

Instead of complaining and resisting change, can I trust that the leader of the organisation is doing their best to protect the future of the company? Can I allow them do their job? Can I accept that what’s good for the organisation is good for me?

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What can you rely on when things are uncertain?

I’ve had a number of major ‘career’ transitions this past 10 years.

A highlight reel:

  1. Left home to start my first management job (19)
  2. Employee to student (at 29)
  3. Student to entrepreneur (at 31)
  4. Entrepreneur to employee (at 38)

Of course, there’s always uncertainty when making big changes and decisions, but when I look back I never really got bogged down or distracted by the uncertainty.

Why is that?

About 18 months ago me and a friend were both going through a major career change, and although we had both landed in a good place, we were both unsure about many things.

That’s when we changed our thinking.

Instead of worrying about what’s uncertain (not within our control), we focused on what is certain (what we have complete control over).

Here’s a quick list of what we could rely on:

  1. Our work ethic and willingness to do the work
  2. Our ability to study and learn quickly
  3. Our ability to get on with and help other people

For me, knowing that these three factors are always within my complete control gives me the certainty that I will do well wherever I end up.

Over to you…

What can you rely on when things in your life are uncertain?

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How to deal with change at work…

Working in a fast-paced industry (marketing & sales) with a rapidly evolving organisation (IMPACT) requires a measured temperament for change.

Like me, I’m sure you’ve reacted to change in a way that doesn’t align with your values and principles.

Self-awareness in these moments is how we learn to respond better to new ideas.

Here are my personal lessons on change at work:

  1. While a few things are changing, most things stay the same
  2. Everything is born from change and most change will be good for me
  3. I get to choose how and when change affects me
  4. Most change happens slowly over time – It’s not as immediate as I first think
  5. Don’t act and behave like the change is actually happening when it’s simply ideas that are being discussed
  6. If I try to protect myself I will stifle good ideas
  7. Some change won’t affect me at all, and certainly not as much as I think
  8. I have more control over how change affects me and my work than I first think
  9. I only have control over how I respond. I cannot control everything
  10. It’s not about me

Writing these statements has helped me to appreciate and accept my role in change at work.

Ultimately, I can either lead and shape the changes that take place, or be dragged along.

I know which I’d prefer.


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