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Efficient vs effective: what comes first?

To become a more efficient growth team, start with becoming more EFFECTIVE and the efficiencies will shake out.

Here are a few key ways to approach it:

  1. Firstly, spend time with your team in their work – find out how they work, how they do what they do, get a clear understanding of how the work happens. Everyone works a little differently. Don’t make assumptions.
  2. Help to identify their ‘one thing’? What’s their core strength? What are they great at?
  3. What are they currently doing that is distracting them from doing that one-thing? What’s a waste of their time? Take that away – delegate, eliminate, hire support resources, introduce technology/automation.
  4. What tools, resources and guidance do they need in order to be more effective in their role? What conditions need to be true in order for them to do their best work?
  5. Supply your team with clear information – goals, KPIs, guidance documentation, make it easy to access (via technology)
  6. Do they feel like the master of their own destiny? In other words, are your team members making changes in their own work? Are the changes employee-led?
  7. Finally, trust them to get on with their work.

Start by doing the right things, then do those things right.

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