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Letter XV published – Happy?

Letter XV published on Sunday 19th January 2020.

Here’s an excerpt:

What I’ve learned is that not only is our life made up of the choices and decisions we make but that a fulfilled and happy life is created by making choices and decisions. In other words, it’s dealing with and working through the challenges that life presents us with that makes us happy.

No more Amazon

I won’t be buying any more books from Amazon in favour of supporting my local book retailers.

Yes, they won’t be the cheapest and I won’t be able to get them delivered the next day, but I no longer want to rely on Amazon. I can no longer support a company that isn’t interested in building a better world.

Heather wrote back to me recently and questioned me on my actions – If I’m in favour of not buying from Amazon, why do I still have Amazon affiliate links next to books that I recommend? Thanks to Heather for motivating me to take more action. I’ve now removed all of the Amazon affiliate links from the site.

Building a better world one step at a time 🙂

Letter XIV published – How to become a better learner

Letter XIV published on Sunday 5th January 2020.

Here’s an excerpt:

The question that popped into my head while I was planning out my 2020 was ‘what do I need to do to become a better learner?’

This goes beyond the simple stuff like doing more of what’s working, or going deeper, or working harder.

I think this lever is the one that could truly make a difference to most dedicated learners. It makes sense to me to not just think about the skills I want to learn and improve, but to also see the ‘learning’ as a skill for development and improvement.

So how does one become a better learner? How do we develop this skill?

Here are a few things on my mind…

A fresh start…

This past few weeks are amongst the most challenging of my life so far. We decided to close down the biggest part of our company – CMA – and move on to do something new.

Now that the dust is starting to settle and I’m moving on from it, I’m starting to look at things with a different perspective.

My passion for this project seems to get stronger day by day, so I’m taking the time to take a fresh look at exactly what I’m trying to achieve here.

I’ve got my copy of Seth Godin’s ‘Ship It Journal’ to take a deeper look at why this weekly letter will have an impact on you and ultimately become a resource that you get real value from.

What you can expect next is more clarity on the content and the purpose of these weekly letters.



Where’s letter XIV?

Well…I have been doing a tonne of writing, but it’s all going towards a different project at the moment. I’ve got a tonne of threads and ‘seedlings’ I want to expand on before I get the next letter out to you.

I haven’t ‘ghosted’ you, I’m still here.

Here are a few questions to ponder, and maybe you could email chrismarrletter@gmail.com with your thoughts?

  • What do you think holds back people from saying they are sorry?
  • Where does original thought come from?

Have a think and LMK 🙂



I’ve added a blog…

Every 10 or so letters I will select a few of my personal favourites and publish them on the blog.

I want to continue to keep the letters mainly private, but I felt that some of the content will help me to not only attract more readers but also promote one of my favourite teaching programmes.

Check out the blog!



Letter XIII published – Mirror, mirror on the wall…?

Letter XIII published on Wednesday 24th July 2019.

Here’s an excerpt:

One of the biggest errors we make when we try to help people is that we make assumptions. We think we know what they are talking about, we think they know how they feel, we get the gist of it, so we go ahead and jump into our default mode of giving advice.

We then wonder why they didn’t take our advice, or change their behaviour. We then blame them and say “Well, I’m never going to give them advice again…”

Most people don’t realise that it’s them that’s the problem. In other words, the reason we struggle with communication is that we blame others instead of looking at ourselves and challenging how we can be better.

What if we were more curious?

Letter XII Published – Don’t let fear control you

Letter XII published on Wednesday 10th July 2019.

Here’s an excerpt:

What’s interesting about fear is that it’s rarely anything physical that causes it.

Most of us are fortunate enough to go through our days without being physically threatened or harmed.

Often times we are alone when fear appears.

It’s all in our imagination.

It’s crazy to think that we do this to ourselves.

We punish ourselves with fear.

We cripple ourselves with fear.

We hold ourselves back with fear.

We cannot be our true selves because of fear.

Fear will destroy you if you let it control you.