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Letter XVIII Published – When the world is too loud, write a list

Letter XVII published on Tuesday 17th March 2020.

Here’s an excerpt:

It’s times like this when writing lists help me to get some perspective and get a grip of what’s going on in my head before it gets out of control.

Simple statements. Actions. Ideas. Thoughts. Worries. Out of my head and on to paper. Freeing up space in my head. Turning down the volume. Helping me to focus on one thing, even just for a brief moment.

Letter XVII Published – Are you doing your best work?

Letter XVII published on Sunday 23rd February 2020.

Here’s an excerpt:

…doing your best work means being selfish. Knowing clearly and confidently protecting your mental and physical conditions so you can be better – being clear on what’s important and what’s not. Doing less, but doing it better.

Daily Journaling Challenge – Taking a break

A quick update on the journaling challenge.

I’ve facilitated 38 consecutive 14-day challenges and I’m going to take a break from it for a while.

I’m not sure if I’ll go back to it or not, but I’ll still be journaling every day.

I need a little space to reflect and take stock. I’m experimenting with a few other things, too.

I hope you’ll continue to spend time with your journal each day 🙂



Letter XVI published – Original Thought Experiment

Letter XVI published on Sunday 9th February 2020.

Here’s an excerpt:

It’s easy to lurk in the shadows, but that’s not where growth and happiness is. Perhaps it’s time for you to step into the light – to see what you are truly capable of and start believing in yourself more.

Letter XV published – Happy?

Letter XV published on Sunday 19th January 2020.

Here’s an excerpt:

What I’ve learned is that not only is our life made up of the choices and decisions we make but that a fulfilled and happy life is created by making choices and decisions. In other words, it’s dealing with and working through the challenges that life presents us with that makes us happy.

No more Amazon

I won’t be buying any more books from Amazon in favour of supporting my local book retailers.

Yes, they won’t be the cheapest and I won’t be able to get them delivered the next day, but I no longer want to rely on Amazon. I can no longer support a company that isn’t interested in building a better world.

Heather wrote back to me recently and questioned me on my actions – If I’m in favour of not buying from Amazon, why do I still have Amazon affiliate links next to books that I recommend? Thanks to Heather for motivating me to take more action. I’ve now removed all of the Amazon affiliate links from the site.

Building a better world one step at a time 🙂