It’s frustrating when you know that your company can do better, isn’t it…?

You know that your team and your company have the capability to look better, be different than your competition and get better results. However, at the moment something isn’t quite working for you and you want to figure out what it is.

Let’s talk about it…

What are you trying to do?

Your future success with content marketing hinges upon your ability to understand intimately how your customers make buying decisions.

Chris Marr on ‘The future of content marketing’

As a leader, there are many reasons why you are seeking a marketing consultant to advise and guide you.

At some level, you are looking for peace of mind and confidence that your sales & marketing is on the right track. Worrying about it every day is taking up your time and energy from focusing on other business development challenges. So let’s look at how we can help.

What do you need help with?

  • Attracting more ideal clients
  • Achieving market recognition through ‘thought leadership’
  • Reducing churn/attrition and keeping more of your ideal clients for longer
  • Creating ‘best-in-class’ content and being recognised as providing the best content in your industry
  • Generating an ‘inbound marketing’ process and attracting more ideal customers using content marketing
  • Reducing spend on customer acquisition and using content marketing to attract a steady stream of ideal customers
  • Improving and developing the sales and marketing process
  • Creating, developing and improving the marketing function in your company
  • Creating and developing a marketing strategy
  • Aligning the sales and marketing functions of your company
  • Creating and developing a sales and marketing culture throughout the whole company

Content marketing is the solution to your sales and marketing problems. But not content marketing as you know it.

That’s what makes us different.

Who do we work with?

Your buyers are searching for, finding and using information to help them make educated buying decisions. It’s your job to provide this information to help them on their journey as they navigate your industry.

Chris Marr on ‘Becoming the Wikipedia of your industry’

We’re not a fit for everyone, and we only take on a handful of clients each year. So, it’s important that we both start with the right intentions and get off on the right foot.

We work well with companies where: 

  • Leadership understands and demonstrates the importance of a sales and marketing culture
  • There is an established marketing department with at least one full-time team member (Marketing manager/executive/director)
  • Content is already being created and published in an attempt to drive more sales and profits
  • There is an established sales process and customer/client base

We don’t work with start-up companies that haven’t sold anything yet. We work better with companies that are already moving and have the capabilities to implement our teachings immediately, creating the best possible impact and return.

Starting this work at the right time gives us both the opportunity to do something great and get better results from our work together.

There are expectations to this rule – if you tick some of the boxes, and not others, please do get in touch to see if we can work together. 


How do we solve these problems?

Content marketing is your ability to listen to your prospects better than anyone else in your industry and create content that helps them to make an educated buying decision. Done well it will create better customers and improve your sales process.

Chris Marr on ‘What is content marketing?’

I am the Founder of the Content Marketing Academy. We consult private companies and we also run the UK’s leading Content Marketing Membership Community. At CMA we focus specifically on teaching the principles of content marketing to change the way businesses communicate forever and we coach companies like yours to create world class content in your industry.

Our philosophy is really straight forward. We’re not a ‘marketing agency’, in other words, we don’t do all the work for you. We teach you how to do it, how to make ‘it’ work for you and your organisation.

We believe that the best way for organisations to succeed with marketing is to embed a culture of marketing into their team.

I’ve been doing this stuff for a while now and people, mainly my customers and sometimes my mum, tell me I’m really good at it.


What do we do best?

Generally speaking, every project is about problem-solving, decision making, planning, and execution.

It’s my job to guide you through this process, and I do that in a few different ways:

  • I work closely with Senior Management on a 1:1 basis and/or in small groups
  • I work with your team to educate, inspire and motivate them to help achieve the business goals
  • I coach individuals and teams on: speaking, presentation, personal branding, writing, video production, website development, blogging, live broadcasting and social media

I also come prepared with expensive whiteboard pens, flip-chart paper and Post It notes for idea generation, brainstorming and planning sessions.

There are so many facets to marketing, and there’s no way I can do everything myself. I’m a firm believer in seeking the best kind of help.

A big part of my role is seeking and curating talent.

Over the years I’ve worked with the good and the bad, and I have a handpicked circle of professionals to help deliver on projects. This includes SEO, Branding, Video Production, Website Development, PPC, Google Adwords, Email Marketing and Copywriting.

I will introduce these elements into the project as required.


How does it work?

There are two important steps in how we work with organisations.

Step 1: The Workshops

Chris Marr – Coaching Session

You must learning, understand and implement They Ask You Answer and The Big 5. You don’t want just *anyone* on your website, you want relevant traffic – prospects and people that want to buy from you. This philosophy and methodology will do that for you.

Chris Marr on ‘How to generate sales with world-class content’

The first thing I will do is visit you at your premises and facilitate a workshop with your senior team. This is usually facilitated over two days, but we can work that out later.

Those who must attend are:

Directors, Board Members, Customer Service representatives, Sales, Marketing, and anyone else deemed to be important from the beginning of the project.

The workshop is really important for a number of reasons:

  • Gives us an opportunity to figure each other out
  • Gets everyone on the same page very quickly and from the start
  • I get to meet the whole team and quickly build a trusting relationship
  • We can spot the gaps and opportunities and identify quick wins
  • I can get a feel for the current culture of the organisation
  • I can gauge how much help you need very early on

The sets the scene for everything we do next.

Workshop Pricing

The workshop is priced separately from any on-going or retained project work. Why?

  • Minimise the financial risk – a workshop is a one off cost with no obligation for a longer term relationship. Afterwards, we can decide how you want to take things forward.
  • We’re not jumping into long term relationship – you and I have the opportunity to get your head around how we both work and how it will impact your organisation.

Full day workshop price: From £3000 +VAT
(Price varies depending on team size, location, number of days – we can work out the finer details on a call)


Step 2: Implementation and coaching

Two days of coaching and consulting with the team at MAP

Writing content specifically for prospects that are in your sales funnel – what questions do they have? What objections do they have? Why are they not buying from you? Get yourself into their shoes and get that content on your website.

Chris Marr on ‘How to get ROI from content marketing’

Once the workshop is done and out the way, then we can move on to getting stuff done.

And I mean that. We’re not talking about creating a 50-page document that takes 3 months on things we could do. I’m talking about actually getting on with it. Hands-on, and developing our strategy as we grow and develop together.

I’ll help you to devise a plan based on the outcomes of the workshops and I’ll propose to you exactly what we need to do for the next 6 months to ensure that your marketing works for you and your business.

Within that plan, I’ll let you know exactly what I think about how much time I should be spending with you. Whether I need to be there in person or whether I can review from a distance.

Pricing is based on a minimum of 6 months – this is the absolute minimum amount of time it takes to embed a marketing philosophy into your organisation, and we should be prepared for longer.

from: £1000 +VAT per month
(Pricing will vary based on type of travel, travel distance/time, and accommodation)


Why do marketers leave their job?

Are leaders supporting marketers?

Why I’m maybe not for you

The biggest excuse I hear is “I don’t have the time for content marketing…” Which means you don’t value it and therefore you don’t prioritise content marketing. This leads to poor results and people say “…content marketing doesn’t work…”

Chris Marr on ‘Why content marketing fails in organisations’

It’s okay, it happens. People often have different ideas from me about how businesses should grow and how marketing should be done.

I’m not like other marketing people that you may have met before. I wear Dickies, Nike Trainers, and Johnny Cupcake T-Shirts. I have tattoos, listen to shouty music and I love my New Era 59Fifty Caps. Oh, and I have a beard.

I hope we like each other and I want our work together to be successful. So, with all that in mind, please don’t ask me:

  • To do all of the work for you so you can forget about it. We’re going to work together on this.
  • For a ‘silver bullet’ solution to your problems and challenges. This is reality.
  • To change things dramatically overnight. We need to be realistic in our expectations about what we can achieve.
  • Pay for equipment, tools and software to improve your marketing. That’s something you should be prepared to do.

Also, the whole project could potentially go down the toilet if:

  • You and your team aren’t willing to learn about content marketing, sales and how to improve communication in the organisation
  • You aren’t prepared to hire new staff for your marketing and sales department
  • You aren’t willing to try new things and take managed risks
  • You aren’t prepared for things to not work out exactly as planned the first time
  • You aren’t willing to involve your team and give them autonomy for marketing

I hate to go on, but when there’s not a fit, we can get some serious problems, such as:

  • Project scope creep – everything takes longer and costs more
  • Resistance from you and your team – results taking longer to achieve
  • People get frustrated and stressed

Therefore we have to make sure that everyone’s expectations are set correctly from the start, and that we agree on exactly how we will communicate while we are working together.

It will all work out well if you want to change, and you understand that change takes time, effort and patience.

We know we can help you, and we want to make sure everything gets off on the right foot.


No one is waiting for another mediocre blog article…

No one is waiting for another mediocre article from you. There’s a lot of basic nonsense out there already, and one way to differentiate is to be better. Take a look at the quality of content that your prospects are currently having to suffer. Could you be better?

Chris Marr on ‘Being the best in your industry’

Content marketing from this point forward is about creating the best content in your industry…and there’s A LOT of room for better.

Hopefully, you’ll have a good feeling about this and you are now ready to get moving.

The first thing we need to do is set up a call and get to know each other a little better.

When you complete the form below it will land in my email inbox and I’ll respond as quickly as possible during normal working hours. We’ll then set up a video call so we can meet each other. Please invite anyone that you feel needs to be on this call, the more the merrier 🙂

Let’s get to know each other…

When you contact us to schedule a time to chat or learn more about how we can work together, you won’t be continually pestered by us. Your completed contact form will land directly in Chris Marr’s inbox and he’ll be in touch with you personally to discuss what you need help with. We’ll only work together if we both believe there’s a fit…and it’s always on your terms.