[List II] Those marbles that keep on rolling…

When we ignore all the little things that need doing in our life, they rumble and clack around like marbles in our mind.

Each marble is unique in size and colour, and as you collect more you get a little heavier, a little sluggish, and as gravity pulls you further down, you eventually come to a complete stop. 

You get a little crankier, a little more distracted, a little less patient.

Little, by little, by little, you become a type of person you don’t want to be. 

And just like our parents asked us to when we were children; before we move on to the next thing it’s time to gather up all our marbles and place them in the jar.

List #2 – What have I been putting off that needs doing?

As you take each marble and place it into the jar, notice how gravity seems to loosen its grip on you. 

Notice how your mood lifts and you become a little lighter on your feet.

This list makes the seemingly unattainable achievable, eliminates anxiety and fear by making the unknown known, and brings order to chaos.

Grab your pen and get every single marble out of your head and onto paper.