[List I] Things that make me feel better

“Hey Ca, whatchya doin’?”

”Writing a list…obv.”

Ca is the busiest person I know, and lists are the single best way for her to get everything out of her head. If she doesn’t get it all on to a list, she can’t think clearly and the day spirals.

Lists are helpful that way, aren’t they?

Back in July, I filled a notebook with over 100 lists and thought I’d start this mini-series and share these prompts with you.

Just like Ca, maybe they’ll help you get a few things out of your head so you can clear the brain fog and think in a straight line 🙂

This first one is a list I keep coming back to.

I’ve written my own version a dozen times, and I’ve helped others write theirs, too.

This list can make dark days brighter, and tough days kinder.

List #1 – Things that make me feel better / Things that make me feel worse

OK, so it’s really two lists, but it’s handy if you write them together.

The plan is to keep this series short and sweet…so, it’s over to you now.

Get your piece of paper, the back of an envelope will do, and write your list 🙂

Here’s mine