Join my daily journaling challenge

Maybe you’ve been trying to build the daily habit of journaling for a while, and you know that you can’t do it consistently without some accountability.

Perhaps you’ve already nailed the journaling habit and you’d like to join a community of others who think like you do…

…and maybe you enjoy a competitive environment and you want to put your money where your mouth is 😉

If so, I’d like to invite you to join my daily journaling challenge.

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Note: I typically run these challenges in two-week cycles 🙂

How the journaling challenge works

We use ‘SPAR! Social Habit Building’, which is an iOS app. You can find out more here and download it from the App Store here.

Joining instructions:

  • Download SPAR! to your iPhone before pressing any join links (Only available on iOS at the moment)
  • Once the app has downloaded, press the correct join link to add yourself to the specific challenge.
  • The latest you can join the challenge is by the end of the 1st day of the challenge
  • You will be asked to add your credit card details – this is mandatory. If you miss a check-in you will be fined (that’s the accountability!). If you complete the challenge successfully you will not be charged any money.

Once you’re in the app you’ll see the chat area and the leaderboard. It’s all pretty straight forward. Any questions, email me

Journaling resources for getting started

Here are some recommended resources that are handy for adding structure and getting started with your journal.

You don’t need anything to start journaling – a blank piece of paper and a pencil will work. So, don’t ‘wait’ until your book arrives in the mail…just get started and you can improve as you go.

  • The Daily Stoic – You need two books for this: The Daily Stoic (Passages) and the complimentary Daily Stoic Journal (a question/prompt per day).
  • The Five Minute Journal – No excuses…this literally takes 5 minutes to do. Ideal for if you’re really busy and you want to make sure you can get your journal done everyday.
  • The Freedom Journal – Designed by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs.
  • How to be more consistent in your journaling by Michael Hyatt (Blog) – A suggested journaling template that you can use daily.
  • 119 journal prompts for your journal jar by Daring To Live Fully (Blog) – There really is no excuse for getting started with these prompts to help you start writing


  • It’s free to join – you only have to pay money when you miss a check-in.
  • I don’t make any money from this, unless I’m one of the winners (unlikely based on my previous results!)
  • You have to check-in every day with a max 60-second video to provide evidence that you have completed your journal. If this is your first time, don’t worry, you’ll be able to see what other people do first, and then you can do the same
  • You can leave within the first 24 hours of the challenge without any financial penalty
  • You can leave during the challenge at any time for a $20 penalty
  • The total pot at the end of the challenge is split between the winners and SPAR! takes a small cut of this pot.
  • Yes, you can invite your friends to join – it’s open to everyone 🙂

Why should you join the daily journaling challenge?

Here’s what others have said about the daily journaling challenge:

“I love the accountability of having to do a check in and also having the opportunity to see what other people do. Journaling for me is the best tool for setting your intentions for the day. I find it makes a huge difference to how I feel, my focus and what I achieve. If you’ve been thinking about giving journaling a go – this is the challenge for you.” – Laura Janes

It’s made me far more thoughtful of everything which happens every day. Morning and evening reflections have brought me far more appreciative and focused on how I want to be and where I want to go – also, what I have. It would have been easy to miss a day or two, the accountability keeps me going and offers the opportunity to support others.” – Jeremy Squibb

“Positive aspects of the SPAR! challenge for me have been significant. I fucking hate feeling like I’m not winning the day. When I’m not winning I hate me. I blame me and my situation for whatever it may be on my complete failure as a human. It’s tough getting that criticism – especially from the one person who really knows you…You. Journalling (especially The Five Minute Journal) has stopped me being such an arsehole to myself. It’s made me happier in my relationships with the people I love and possibly more importantly, the people I have no choice but to tolerate. It’s helped me with productivity and sticking to my plans/lists ideas priorities. It is also a welcome relief for when words out loud just really dinnae work. Writing is so powerful for the mind and I don’t know if I would be feeling the same about my unmanageable responsibilities without it. The money and the accountability are a definite instigator to get it fucking done – we’re all seeing the benefits of Journalling and I know for a fact there’s no way I’d stick to it without SPAR!.” – Cara Mackay

“I’ve really enjoyed this Spar challenge. I wasn’t brand new to journaling, I’d been doing it to document my brain injury recovery journey, but it was reading more like a “dear diary” rather than anything that challenged my thinking. With this challenge I’ve added structure to my journaling and now wake up every day and write down 3 things I’m grateful for, I check in with how I’m feeling about my recovery, reflect on the previous day and I set my intentions for the day. Even on the shittiest of days you can always find 3 things in your life to be grateful for and that’s a bit of a reality check. It’s been great to get to know others doing the challenge and learn about their approach to journaling too. When I check Spar in the morning I can’t help but be gutted for the people that have missed the check-in because you want everyone to succeed but at the same time there’s a chance to win money and that totally appeals to my competitive spirit! There’s a great community feel and I can’t wait for the next journaling challenge to start!” – Anne Johnston

“I would never have stuck it out to this extent if it wasn’t for this and I love every minute of it. Like a map to my brain and when I didn’t do it, it highlighted to me one of my biggest weaknesses. Really intriguing.” – Nic Crawford

“My biggest takeaway is that I always knew I tried to fit too much in every day, but journaling has brought that front and centre. In just 10 days I realised that I need to pair back and when I do, the needle moves faster” – Jason Resnick

“I’ve really enjoyed the self reflection at the end of the day because it’s helped keep things in perspective. It puts me in a better mindset for the following day knowing that I’m more aware of my actions and the impact on those around me. Thanks so much for hosting – so glad I joined! I look forward to the journaling each day, and watching everyone else’s check-ins along the way is really encouraging too. ” – Jessie LaHaie

“I have always practiced gratitude but never documented it. I would sometimes get distracted and think of other things I needed to be doing. At times, it also felt like I was giving thanks for the same things. A big impact that journaling has had for me is that my gratitude has become much more focused. I take the time each day to really think about what I am grateful for. I close my eyes and think about my day ahead and what I need to get done. It’s in this moment that I can see what I’m thankful for. Sometimes it can really be as simple as the beautiful, summer’s day ahead. Thinking about what would make my day great also allows me to focus on my actions and behaviour so that at the end of the day I can say “yes, today was amazing because…” Having my day documented is also a really great way to look back on what I was thinking and feeling that day. We think we can remember the little things, but journaling them shows you. Thank you Chris for encouraging me to join the daily journaling challenge. For explaining that it’s not just another thing to add to your day, it’s a part of your day.” – Karen Aston

I’ve been journaling every day for 8 weeks, thanks to the challenge. There have been so many benefits, but the most important is that it’s helped me to really appreciate what I have. It’s so easy to get caught up in what you want to be / do / have next. But the simple act of reflecting on the day, thinking about the moments, people and events I’m grateful for has had a huge impact. It’s helped me to realise just how much I do have to be grateful for, and I find myself being more present, and noticing and appreciating moments in my day that would have previously passed me by. – Clare Murthy

“I am so happy that I joined the journaling challenge. Journaling for 14 days has already changed my life. I feel much more positive and focused in my daily life. It has created a routine where not only am I journaling but I am making time for myself and my thoughts. Journaling has helped me to be more confident in my daily life, particularly in business and it helps to set me up for the start of every day. I am enjoying the Stoic teachings and it’s incredible how easily they fit into daily modern life by giving you inspiration and challenging your thoughts each day. If you are on the fence about journaling then I highly recommend you give it a try and see what a difference it can make to your life.” – Imogen Allen

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