A quick update – May 2012

Hi everyone!

First of all I would like to say apologies for the radio silence of late. As some of you will know, I study Business Management at the University of St Andrews and I have just completed my 3rd year finals. For the past 6 weeks or so I have been bogged down with all my studies for the final deadlines and my exams…which are now complete!!

So, now that Uni is over for this year I will be concentrating on my work here and a few other side projects, which I am VERY excited about.

I am also looking forward to getting the blogs that have been bubbling away in the background finally published, so please look out for them coming very soon!

Business 2012

I got the opportunity to head to Business 2012 in March and I had a great time.

This was a free event, and there were a tonne of inspiring speakers at the event including Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar and Mr James Caan to name a few.

It is always good to go to conferences and seminars relevant to your industry as you can always take away something, and for me it is usually more motivation and enthusiasm that I take away.

I feel privileged to have attended Sir Richard Branson’s interview, he is a very inspiring person with a great attitude toward life and the work that he does. It is difficult to comprehend just how successful he has been.

Learning Everyday™- What does it mean?

I wanted to have a catchphrase or a trademark to br and my website and blog and Learning Everyday™ was one of the first ideas I thought of.

For me, Learning Everyday™ signifies the following: –

  • I am aware that I don’t know everything
  • I am willing to listen and learn from others
  • I want to learn as much as I possibly can
  • I am approachable and willing to take on new ideas and concepts
  • Learning is progressive and incremental, i.e. you get better at something the more practice

A note to the team…

I know that many people couldn’t make it to the last day of the summer, and indeed the last day before the catering team started their new jobs, so I thought I would write a little note and include some of the things I said.

Prior to the few words I had to sat we got an interesting insight from Sam…

“would you rather run a marathon flat out wearing wooden clogs (no stopping) or cycle it with no seat”

Thanks for that Sam…I would go for the clogs…the lack of bike seat does not really appeal to me. ;op

This is basically what I said, without any ad-lib… and with some things that I wanted to say but didn’t…


My Story – Part 1

I attended an SIE event for entrepreneurs on 28th July 2011. On the day, one of the speakers was Thor Holt.  Thor inspires people to become fearless communicators.

He asked us all to get up in front of everyone and tell people ‘Why we do what we do’ (inspired by Simon Sinek) – effectively, what motivates us to do what we do.

An update – July 2011

Hi everyone!

So I finally got my blog over to wordpress, which I am really happy about!

I have been working on quite a few on-going projects recently including: –

  1. CMSL Events – An events promotions company based in Fife
  2. Fusion Hair Salon – Assisting with social media and customer connectivity amongst other things
  3. Q-Ten Studios – Social media marketing, customer connectivity and blogging