Hi everyone!

First of all I would like to say apologies for the radio silence of late. As some of you will know, I study Business Management at the University of St Andrews and I have just completed my 3rd year finals. For the past 6 weeks or so I have been bogged down with all my studies for the final deadlines and my exams…which are now complete!!

So, now that Uni is over for this year I will be concentrating on my work here and a few other side projects, which I am VERY excited about.

I am also looking forward to getting the blogs that have been bubbling away in the background finally published, so please look out for them coming very soon!

Before I sign off for today, here are some books that I have really enjoyed recently and took a lot away from: –

Nigel Botterill - Botty's Rules Start Your Business in 7 Days - James Caan The New Relationship Marketing - Mari Smith

Business 2012

I got the opportunity to head to Business 2012 in March and I had a great time.

This was a free event, and there were a tonne of inspiring speakers at the event including Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar and Mr James Caan to name a few.

It is always good to go to conferences and seminars relevant to your industry as you can always take away something, and for me it is usually more motivation and enthusiasm that I take away.

I feel privileged to have attended Sir Richard Branson’s interview, he is a very inspiring person with a great attitude toward life and the work that he does. It is difficult to comprehend just how successful he has been.

I was introduced to a new inspiring figure, Mr Nigel Botterill, and I joined up to his Entrepreneurs Circle (EC) membership club. I also picked up his book and it is full of a lot of great ‘nuggets’ (that’s what Nige calls them). I highly recommend that any small business owner/entrepreneur checks out his book and takes a look at the EC website. As a member you will get access to a tonne of resources for growing your business.

His book, Botty’s Rules, is an account of his learnings throughout his whole working life, and as an entrepreneur you can take a lot away from it. The main reason that the reader can relate to it is because Nigel has been there and done it and he has a wealth of experience, both corporate and as a business owner.

Nige puts on EC events up and down the country; I am heading to my 1st on 26th March and I’m really looking forward to it…expect tweets ( @chrismarr101 and a report on my return!).

If you also attended Business 2012, share your experience by leaving a comment below.



What is Learning Everyday™?

I wanted to have a catchphrase or a trademark to br and my website and blog and Learning Everyday™ was one of the first ideas I thought of.

For me, Learning Everyday™ signifies the following: –

  • I am aware that I don’t know everything
  • I am willing to listen and learn from others
  • I want to learn as much as I possibly can
  • I am approachable and willing to take on new ideas and concepts
  • Learning is progressive and incremental, i.e. you get better at something the more practice

I feel that Learning Everyday™ ties up nicely with the popular saying, “everyday is a school day”.

Email me or comment below with your thoughts about what you think Learning Everyday™ signifies.



A note to the team…

I know that many people couldn’t make it to the last day of the summer, and indeed the last day before the catering team started their new jobs, so I thought I would write a little note and include some of the things I said.

Prior to the few words I had to sat we got an interesting insight from Sam…

“would you rather run a marathon flat out wearing wooden clogs (no stopping) or cycle it with no seat”

Thanks for that Sam…I would go for the clogs…the lack of bike seat does not really appeal to me. ;op

This is basically what I said, without any ad-lib… and with some things that I wanted to say but didn’t…

Hi everyone, thanks for coming along today for what is the last day of New Hall summer vacation.

I’m really impressed with the hard work that everyone has put in and even more impressed that we have managed to do so well considering what is going on with the staffing restructure and the refurbishment at New Hall.

I honestly think this has been our best vacation since I have been here, and we can use all the collected customer feedback as a benchmark and testimonial to your hard work.
We managed to double the amount of customer feedback we received this year compared to last year… and that is all down to everyone who worked here during the summer. Thanks to Lynsey for facilitating all the feedback throughout the summer.

You may also be aware the we received an excellent tourist board report and mystery shopper report. There were name drops in that report; Kudos to Fiona and Emily in the bar… and to everyone else for ensuring we satisfied the inspection…by far the best report we have received in the time I have been at New Hall. The excellent Mystery Shopper report is something that we can take great pride in, as it is very critical towards our customer service…WELL DONE!! I’m really happy with the reports we have received.

TripAdvisor has also been successful this year. The idea was to try and push it an see what happens. We never had a target but we did managed to increase our comments on TA from 9 to 22. Apart from one comment the rest are fantastic and can also be used as a testimonial for your hard work…don’t forget that these reports reflect all our hard work and can be used as references later in your career. Again, there have been a few name drops; kudos to Emma, Isi and Jo for delivering an excellent reception service at New Hall, which is a crucial part of running a hotel.

Congratulations to everyone for your achievements, hard work and success at providing a 3 star hotel service.

I would like to say an extra thanks to the staff who were relocated to New Hall for the summer who fitted in very well at New Hall, especially considering the restructuring and emotional times we have been through in the last 6 months. Everyone has coped very well and we still managed to deliver an excellent customer service. The University are very lucky to have such dedicated people.

Not only is this the last day of summer vacation trading, but it is also the last day for the majority of the New Hall catering team who are now going to be working in other areas throughout Residential and Business Services. 6 months ago I don’t think anyone could have predicted that this would happen to the team at New Hall. It is a sad and emotional time for everyone; the team have been together for a great number of years.

I wish you all the best for the future and good luck in your new positions.



A st and out moment for the summer is when we went paintballing! I think everyone had a great time, I know I did!

Employee of the summer award

Thanks to Joanna for pulling this together and facilitating the whole process.
Over 30 people voted for their employee the year resulting in around 100 votes.
I know we all work as a team and there are mixed feelings about this type of reward scheme, but i think it is nice for the team to vote for who they think is the employee that st ands out from the rest.

This person…
…Keeps everything running smoothly
…Inspires everyone to work hard
…Always helpful to everyone who asks
…Always gives her best
…Works her socks off
…Puts 150% in
…Keeps everyone motivated

Dionne Henderson was presented with a bottle of Champagne and a cinema voucher (which I now have). 14 votes, which means that almost 50% of the staff who voted put DIONNE forward as their employee of the year.


Jane is really sorry that she cannot be here today and she sends her regards to everyone and wishes everyone the best for the future.

I will also be leaving in a few weeks time and I’m not entirely sure who will be your manager from now on. My last working day will be 30th September and this may be my last opportunity to wish everyone good luck for the future.

I have largely enjoyed my time with the University and I feel that we made some effective changes in my time. I really appreciate the support that all the staff have given me over the years and I have really enjoyed working with everyone. I will definitely miss everyone that I work with.

All the best to everyone, and good luck for the future.

Also, if you never need any support I’m just a phone call away.

Take care,


Twitter – @chrismarr101

My Story – Part 1

I attended an SIE event for entrepreneurs on 28th July 2011. On the day, one of the speakers was Thor Holt.  Thor inspires people to become fearless communicators.

He asked us all to get up in front of everyone and tell people ‘Why we do what we do’ (inspired by Simon Sinek) – effectively, what motivates us to do what we do.

He gave a great example of his motivation by telling us his about his upbringing and his background…which effectively helped him to underst and what motivates him.

On my turn up there, I did my thing and Thor prompted with questions about my life story and if there was anything there that motivated me..I said “no, I don’t think so”.  This has been bothering me since…as I am sure there is something in my past that has triggered my motivation.

So I have decided to write my story, which will be published here in parts.

Hopefully by doing this I will find out what it is that motivates me and find out “why I do what I do”.

I’m sure the results will be interesting!!


Hi everyone!

So I finally got my blog over to wordpress, which I am really happy about!

I have been working on quite a few on-going projects recently including: –

  1. CMSL Events – An events promotions company based in Fife
  2. Fusion Hair Salon – Assisting with social media and customer connectivity amongst other things
  3. Q-Ten Studios – Social media marketing, customer connectivity and blogging

I have been spending a significant amount of time gathering all my ideas for my own SMB consultancy firm. I attended an SIE conference at the start of July and day 4 is on 28th July, so I am looking forward to that. I have also been a long to the business gateway events in order to get as much information as I possibly can!

Once I have ‘beta’ tested all my ideas this website will eventually be used to promote and bring my SMB services to market.

I think I need to get a name for my business…so if you have any ideas feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

Thanks to everyone for all their help and patience so far!