Monday Morning Motivator!

Possibly over a year ago now I used to send out a daily Lunch Time Question, or #LTQ, via twitter, not only to generate interaction, but to also get people thinking about their life and for a little bit of fun too. Sometimes the questions did not require an answer as such, but were there to prompt thought.

It has been a while since I did it and I have now decided to re-introduce the question on a Monday morning. I am re-br anding it as the  Monday Morning Motivator (or #MoMoMo2012) and I will send it out via my TwitterFacebook  and LinkedIn pages every Monday at 8:30am. It would be great to see you all get involved with the questions by RT’ing and commenting, etc.


Getting to grips with Twitter – Some tips

Getting to grips with Twitter is far easer than you might imagine. Twitter is much less understood than Facebook, and once you get past some initial jargon there is not much confusion, it becomes a lot of fun. If you represent your business on other social media platforms there is no reason why you cannot get to grips with Twitter.

I think it’s great and I have fun tweeting and retweeting, etc…so I have put together some my thoughts right here for you. Hopefully these thoughts will inspire you to join up!

Don Miguel Ruiz – The Four Agreements

I am studying for my 3rd year exams at the moment and I need to make sure I stay positive and motivated, so I am going to tweet a positive and thoughtful quote everyday leading up to my exams ( @chrismarr101).

I have blogged about Don Miguel Ruiz in the past, very early on when discussing gossip in the work place ( read here). I plan to send out a quote from his publication, The Four Agreements.