Creating a Winning Team

As a manager and leader you really want your team to be empowered to make their own decisions, but that does not happen overnight. One of the first things that has to be done is to sit down with the …

Employee Personal Development

I’m sure that in your organisation you will have some sort of internal review process/performance review, although sometimes it is not enough to just have a meeting once per year or to just focus on the goals related to the role the employee plays within the organisation. This development tool focuses upon the individual with reference to their PERSONAL objectives, on an ongoing basis.

I have designed a development plan that can be used for all team members and I have made them available for download as .pdf documents


Managing Gossip in the Workplace

In my current job one of my current goals, as part of a wider programme, is to eradicate gossip.
I have seen the results of gossip, I’ve found myself managing conflict due to gossip and I have been a victim myself.
I am aware that this is not going to happen overnight and I am also aware that there will be many small steps that will help achieve this goal, the first steps of which I have highlighted below.

It would be naive to say that an organisation/department/team will run smoothly everyday without conflict;
I am realistic and believe that conflict is inevitable and should be managed in order to keep your team progressive and innovative. You cannot go through your daily routine avoiding the difficult conversations to avoid conflict, it is important to deal with the issues your team faces head on. As a team leader your team will have more respect for you and you will also learn from the experience; each time you deal with difficult situations it gets easier.
Do not let issues roll on for a long time, this encourages gossip, will ultimately demotivate and could ultimately make your team miserable…’nip it in the bud’.