Using Periscope to develop your ideas

Do you love creating and spreading new ideas? If so, this is a call for you to start using Periscope to add fuel to your idea machine! Over the past few months I have been following James Altucher’s advice and …

Dealing with Facebook jealousy

Did you know that the most prominent emotion that people feel when they are browsing through their Facebook news feed is jealousy? I’m sure you’ve felt it before, I certainly have. It comes as a result of comparing yourself to …


Getting to grips with Twitter – Some tips

Getting to grips with Twitter is far easer than you might imagine. Twitter is much less understood than Facebook, and once you get past some initial jargon there is not much confusion, it becomes a lot of fun. If you represent your business on other social media platforms there is no reason why you cannot get to grips with Twitter.

I think it’s great and I have fun tweeting and retweeting, etc…so I have put together some my thoughts right here for you. Hopefully these thoughts will inspire you to join up!


Dealing with negative feedback online

A main concern for many business people who are thinking about representing their business online and on social media platforms is being able to deal with negative feedback effectively.

I have dealt with negative feedback online before in various circumstances. However, had I not created a solid platform for encouraging feedback then I may never have found out about the negative feedback, let alone having the opportunity to do anything about it!

There are many advantages linked to receiving negative feedback…most of all it makes you aware of how you can improve your services.

How to engage with your audience on Facebook

I agree with what Chris Brogan says and I see it a lot – business talking only about their business services and products with very little thought into how the business can interact with their customers. It is important to diversify your updates and posts, and tap into what you customers are talking about. Depending on what type of business you run, it may be difficult and time consuming to take time out to think creatively and create rich content in order find ways to interact with your audience…but it is worth it! … and there are so many other things to talk about!