Deciding not to decide

Decision Making

Most of us can’t make decisions. We find it difficult for many different reasons. We find it hard because we want to please people. We find it hard because there are lots of things we could do, that we would …


How to become successful

Not the ‘S’ word again…! The title of this blog probably irked you. You might be thinking ”what does Chris know about success?”, “Who is he to define success?” The good news is, I’m not going to tell you how to …

Everything Affects Everything – Building In New Habits

Jim Rohn says that “Everything affects everything” and what he means by this is that if you slack on one of your goals, the likelihood is that you will slack on other things too. His advice is to start with the easy stuff and build it into your life over time. Mr Rohn is a very wise and intelligent man.

Stay Consistent!

If you want to make changes in your life, read the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy  and implement the concepts in the book.

This is the basic concept:

You make small smart choices, you apply consistency (i.e. you stick with these changes for a long period of time – creating a habit) and over a long period of time you will eventually notice radical results.

An ‘Ah-Ha’ Moment

Over the past 5 or 6 years I have invested a lot of my time into reading personal development books.

Lately a fire has been lit under my bum, which in turn has led me to read A LOT more than what I used to. It safe to say that in the past year I have learned a lot and also changed personally.

I like to think that I am a positive person, and this was true up until the point I read Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude: How to Find, Build and Keep a Yes! Attitude for a Lifetime of Success by Jeffrey Gitomer…I had a few changes to make… and I still do.

Creative Thinking [VIDEO]

I  like anything that teaches us to think smartly and more creatively.

I l anded on these videos a few days ago and really liked them, so I thought I should put them all in one place and let the people I know enjoy them too.

You can watch them all 6 parts in around 15 minutes, so watch them while you are doing the dishes or eating breakfast or something like that.

I thought they were quite informative and succinct, what are your thoughts?

Leave your comments below, I am interested to know what you make of them.