Not Following Up

…is it just me or is there a distinctive problem with plumbers?

I recommended a plumber to a family friend recently, he turned up to assess the job but never followed back up…at all. In turn the job went to one of the ‘big 6’.

I then spoke to a very good friend of mine recently and he was having the same issue…the guy just wouldn’t get back to him. My friend had to chase him to find out what was going on!!

Am I missing something? Have these plumbers got more business that they can shake a stick at?? So much that they don’t have to worry about following up?!

I know who I won’t be recommending to my family and friends again…something to think about.

Perhaps they are the ones missing something?

“Be the person who follows through and gets the job done…or else you will die on the job” – Jeffery Gitomer, The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource.