2016: Change your attitude, change your life

Change your attitude

Like me, you’ve probably read all the positive 2016 new year messages on the Internet about how 2016 is going to be the best year ever, and it’s great to see all the ambition – I thrive on it.

But there are a few posts on Facebook from people I care about that concerned me, and this is for anyone who thinks that 2016 won’t bring them anything new.

5 reasons why you should run your own conference

Chris Marr - Conference

Since 2013 I have run quite a number of workshops and live/in-person events. When I look back over the past 15 years of my working career I have facilitated probably 100s of training events and workshops. From 2001-2011 I worked …


How To Beat Resistance

Free Resistance

Have you ever wondered how successful people seem to get more done? Do you ever find it really hard to get started and get things done? Have you ever stared blankly at your computer screen before writing, or done the …


The More Your Pour Out, the More You Can Pour Back In

Thinking Vision

How often do you write down what’s on your mind? Do you think it’s worth considering keeping a journal to take counsel in? Perhaps you don’t have anyone to share your ideas with, or you want to write your ideas down first before you share them? A journal will help you work out your ideas and also help you underst and the way you behave and how you react to things around you.


6 Tips for Having A More Productive Day

Do you ever get the feeling of being overwhelmed by the task(s) in front of you? Like there’s no way you can get through all your work?
I had one of those days recently where everything just seemed to be mounting up in front of me, and for a moment I panicked. Have you ever felt like this? Like there’s no end in sight?

You Don’t Have to Know All the Answers

Humility is the ability to have a modest or low view of one’s importance.
Do you underst and what it means to express humility? Is it something that you are aware of everyday? Well, for me, the word ‘humility’ was until recently not a word I used in my vocabulary, in fact I didn’t really know when one would use it.

Enchantment – How To Woo, Influence and Persuade

Enchantment transforms situations and relationships, turns cynics into believers and changes hearts and minds.

The book is written in a way that makes it easy to dip in and out of, and it’s only a few hundred pages short. Not everything you read in the book will apply directly to your life, although I would suggest reading the book and using it to pick up the things that you think will work for you….there is always something to learn!