5 reasons why you should run your own conference

Chris Marr - Conference

Since 2013 I have run quite a number of workshops and live/in-person events. When I look back over the past 15 years of my working career I have facilitated probably 100s of training events and workshops. From 2001-2011 I worked …

Information Marketing – Day 2

2 full days with Nigel Botterill!! I was sitting right in the front row for the two days and gave Nigel 100% of my attention. I sat and listened to every single word and consumed everything he had to give. I was sitting so close that he could have easily spat on me, and that’s how close I feel to business success…so close I can smell it!!

Information Marketing – Day 1

I travelled down to Birmingham on Monday to attend a very exciting Information Marketing Academy, hosted by one of the most successful Entrepreneurs in the UK, Mr. Nigel Botterill.

Nige’s businesses are pretty much based upon the principles of information marketing. In the last eight years Nigel has built from scratch 7 separate million pound plus businesses…pretty impressive!! So you can see why I’m hoping for big things, and why I absconded to Engl and…alone.

Not Following Up

…is it just me or is there a distinctive problem with plumbers?

I recommended a plumber to a family friend recently, he turned up to assess the job but never followed back up…at all. In turn the job went to one of the ‘big 6’.

I then spoke to a very good friend of mine recently and he was having the same issue…the guy just wouldn’t get back to him. My friend had to chase him to find out what was going on!!

Marketing: Making Effective Use of Testimonials

If you have been actively been asking for feedback form your clients and customers you should be able to extract some of that information to use as testimonials.

This blog post provides advice and tips for small business owners who are looking for inspiration for making use of, and collecting information for, testimonials.

As a consumer, personal recommendations from someone you know and trust are the strongest type of recommendations that we can receive. We can see Ecommerce websites such as Amazon.co.uk heavily using recommendations in order to strengthen the consumer purchasing decision. Although third party recommendations do not have the same strength as direct recommendations, I think you will agree that they help when deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

Entrepreneurs and Professionals Photo Shoot

As part of my desire to add value to businesses and business people, I recently ran a trial service to provide professionals and entrepreneurs with great looking and trusting images of themselves. The initial intention was for these images to be used specifically for online social platforms, websites and marketing materials.

I am very glad to report that the event was a success.


3 reasons why you need to have a blog on your website

I have worked with a few clients now who have decided, for a number of reasons, to have their blog hosted on a different site as opposed to having their blog directly on their company website.

It is possible that there were good reasons for doing this in the first place, however I just want to quickly highlight the positive impact your blog will have upon your website if you integrate it, instead of having it hosted separately.

Start Your Business in 7 Days – Reviewed

My Mum kindly purchased this book for me as a gift, and she thought it would inspire me knowing that I am self employed… and she was right!!

James Caan is the Author of Start Your Business in 7 Days, which is a great book for prompting all the fundamental questions for making your business idea a reality. The concept of the book is based around a 7 day cycle, and throughout these 7 days James takes you through all the essentials, including:

  • underst anding if you are cut out to be an entrepreneur;
  • underst anding if your idea is really a viable business model;
  • underst anding how important it is to find out if there is a dem and for your product/service;
  • underst anding how important your costing’s are;
  • underst anding the importance of research and knowledge.

Collecting and Making use of Customer Feedback – Tips

As you probably know, there are many different techniques that can be employed to collect customer feedback.

Ideally you want to collect constructive feedback that you can use to improve and develop your products and/or services.

There are several benefits for constructing and implementing a feedback system for your business, including: –

  • Your customers know that you are prepared to listen to them;
  • You can improve and tailor your service to the needs of your customers;
  • You can strengthen your relationship with your customers;
  • Your team know what decisions are being made; customer feedback can be used to strengthen your business decisions.

6 Questions to Kick Start Marketing in Your Business

Detailed below are 6 simple questions that you should ask yourself when thinking about starting to promote and advertise your product and services.

If you can I would advise that you get your team involved at this early stage. I’m certain that they will have some fantastic ideas and this will be a great way to get them involved in, and bought into, the marketing process.