2016: Change your attitude, change your life

Change your attitude

Like me, you’ve probably read all the positive 2016 new year messages on the Internet about how 2016 is going to be the best year ever, and it’s great to see all the ambition – I thrive on it.

But there are a few posts on Facebook from people I care about that concerned me, and this is for anyone who thinks that 2016 won’t bring them anything new.


How to Become an Expert in Your Industry

I recently stumbled across a great list of things to do if you want to become an expert at something. The list could be extended by adding other tasks, and it would be great to hear your thoughts on what you think could or should be added.

My Bucket List

Looking ahead

As part of putting together my objectives for next year I decided to finally write my first ‘bucket list’. Inspired by Steve Scott – 5 steps for creating your perfect bucket list. As Steve mentions…after writing this I realised that …