Dealing with Facebook jealousy

Did you know that the most prominent emotion that people feel when they are browsing through their Facebook news feed is jealousy? I’m sure you’ve felt it before, I certainly have. It comes as a result of comparing yourself to …

Monday Morning Motivator!

Possibly over a year ago now I used to send out a daily Lunch Time Question, or #LTQ, via twitter, not only to generate interaction, but to also get people thinking about their life and for a little bit of fun too. Sometimes the questions did not require an answer as such, but were there to prompt thought.

It has been a while since I did it and I have now decided to re-introduce the question on a Monday morning. I am re-br anding it as the  Monday Morning Motivator (or #MoMoMo2012) and I will send it out via my TwitterFacebook  and LinkedIn pages every Monday at 8:30am. It would be great to see you all get involved with the questions by RT’ing and commenting, etc.

How to engage with your audience on Facebook

I agree with what Chris Brogan says and I see it a lot – business talking only about their business services and products with very little thought into how the business can interact with their customers. It is important to diversify your updates and posts, and tap into what you customers are talking about. Depending on what type of business you run, it may be difficult and time consuming to take time out to think creatively and create rich content in order find ways to interact with your audience…but it is worth it! … and there are so many other things to talk about!