Deciding not to decide

Decision Making

Most of us can’t make decisions. We find it difficult for many different reasons. We find it hard because we want to please people. We find it hard because there are lots of things we could do, that we would …


What’s the WORST question you can ask to start a conversation?

Business Networking

Over the past few years I’m not entirely sure how many networking events I have attended, but it’s certainly more than 100. I’ve not been involved in many ‘speed networking’ events, but whilst attending a fairly informal business event last night …


How to become successful

Not the ‘S’ word again…! The title of this blog probably irked you. You might be thinking ”what does Chris know about success?”, “Who is he to define success?” The good news is, I’m not going to tell you how to …


Be less busy

be less busy

At this very moment I can hear my own very ridiculous words echoing in my head as I reflect on many conversations I’ve had with other business owners. It goes something like this: Me: “Hey Derek, how are you?” Derek: …


3 reasons why you need to have a blog on your website

I have worked with a few clients now who have decided, for a number of reasons, to have their blog hosted on a different site as opposed to having their blog directly on their company website.

It is possible that there were good reasons for doing this in the first place, however I just want to quickly highlight the positive impact your blog will have upon your website if you integrate it, instead of having it hosted separately.

Start Your Business in 7 Days – Reviewed

My Mum kindly purchased this book for me as a gift, and she thought it would inspire me knowing that I am self employed… and she was right!!

James Caan is the Author of Start Your Business in 7 Days, which is a great book for prompting all the fundamental questions for making your business idea a reality. The concept of the book is based around a 7 day cycle, and throughout these 7 days James takes you through all the essentials, including:

  • underst anding if you are cut out to be an entrepreneur;
  • underst anding if your idea is really a viable business model;
  • underst anding how important it is to find out if there is a dem and for your product/service;
  • underst anding how important your costing’s are;
  • underst anding the importance of research and knowledge.

Analysing the Business Environment

Analysing the market your business operates in is crucial to ensure survival, competitive advantage and differentiation.
It is important to be able to recognise the soft signals in the environment through comprehensive and continuous analysis.

Effective organisational analysis will allow you to: –

  • Scan and monitor the business environment;
  • Keep the business flexible and adapt business to meet market needs and requirements;
  • Make better strategic decisions;
  • Underst and the environment your business operates in.