Chris & The Letter…

// Why The Letter?

I wrote my first blog article in 2010. It started out as a leadership, customer service and personal development blog. My attention quickly turned to content marketing and business growth. That’s still my main topic, but that’s my ‘day job’.

I have many other interests that don’t fit into the ‘content marketing’ topic or ‘business growth’ category. At the start of 2019 these ideas started to overspill into my work, and I needed to create a different outlet for these other ideas. Somewhere I could write and share my thoughts without boundaries or expectations.

I’ve had a keen interest in personal development from a young age (my first ‘experience’ was in 1995 when I was 14). More recently my interests in topics like philosophy, leadership and human behaviour have become more serious, more vivid and the larger portion of my studies.

I created this letter to allow me to explore these ideas, thoughts and observations. 

I’ve committed to writing a valuable letter to you every two weeks, and in turn, the writing pushes me to dig a little deeper into my ideas and explore my thoughts.

// What’s in The Letter?

The purpose of each letter is to take a very specific observation or thought, and help us to either improve upon that thing or see and think about it from a different perspective.

Some of the things I write about are:

  • Human behaviour
  • Observations & lessons
  • Personal confessions
  • Self-awareness
  • Personal development
  • Philosophy
  • Leadership
  • Communication

In general, I take a lesson or observation, wrap it around an experience, and share practical solutions.

// Who is Chris?

Reading is a big deal in my life. I study subjects I want to understand in ways to better myself, my business and my loved ones. 

Reading has taught me everything I’ve ever needed to know, in depths deeper than most care to delve. This naturally leads to my need to write. 

In my day job, I coach, teach and consult businesses to embrace a very specific form of content marketing. It’s the life and soul of what I do every day.

At home, Cara and I are proud parents of 4 children. We are a blended family – Sophie (18) Paddy (11) Spencer (4) and Luna-Rose (2). These are the special humans we try our best to keep alive.

Cara is also the MD of Gillies and Mackay, a 30 year timber building company who happen to make the best sheds in the world.

Our lives are absolutely mental. Thankfully, we have real saintly parents who look after us and our kiddo’s too. 

Heavy metal is my first true love of guitar playing, and although I’m not in a band (call me) anymore, I have a couple of my favourite guitars hanging by my desk for whenever the mood takes me.

I am partial to chilling out too – James V McMorrow? Such a good voice. He’s a favourite for relaxing with a cup of tea, pizza and some kitchen chat with Ca. 

I am a total movie buff and love nothing more than linking directors/actors to movies I’ve seen before…especially in the opening scenes of new things we’re watching. Cara has no idea who any famous people are. It’s something we’re working on…

When I was younger I learnt to snowboard, the focus it demands is a fantastic let out for months of hard work. I cannot wait to get the kids out to our family’s place in Austria this winter, they are going to love it.

My life is a happy one. In 2017 I started journaling and studying stoicism. It’s the foundation and faith I follow to make sure I am a good person for myself and for the ones I love.