Using Periscope to develop your ideas

Do you love creating and spreading new ideas?

If so, this is a call for you to start using Periscope to add fuel to your idea machine!

Over the past few months I have been following James Altucher’s advice and I’ve been proactively creating new ideas. Why? To exercise my idea muscle and to become an idea machine.

It’s not about executing on the ideas, it’s about becoming great at generating ideas.

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I’ve also been using Periscope a lot over the past 3 or 4 months, and one of the main reasons I love the live broadcasting platform is that I have the ability to share my ideas quickly to a core audience that listen.

I’m not afraid to share my ideas, in fact I love giving them away!

3 reasons why you should use Periscope to develop your ideas

One big point that I want to get across in this article is that your idea does not have to be complete before you share it! It’s actually great to get it out there when it’s not fully formed, and here are 3 reasons why Periscope can help you develop your ideas:

1. Get immediate feedback: Share your idea live with your audience and involve them in the discussion. You will very quickly get feedback and an underst anding of what people think.

2. Improve and develop your idea: People will flag up things you haven’t thought of yet, plug some gaps in your concept and challenge your thinking.

3. Articulate your idea: Talking about your idea for this first time can be a little disjointed but through sharing your idea you will get better at articulating it.

By grouping these three points together hopefully you can see how Periscope can help develop and improve your ideas, simply by sharing them live with your audience.

What ideas can you share with people on Periscope?

Let me know when you are broadcasting and I’ll join you.