The big problem with comparing employees and entrepreneurs

employee vs entrepreneur

What frustrates me the most is entrepreneurs who think they are better or of higher value than employees. The only reason that most entrepreneurs are able to realise their vision is through building and leading a great team. So that’s …


Dear student…so you want to be an entrepreneur?

Student Entrepreneurs

Since graduating from St Andrews and starting my business in 2013 I have had several opportunities to speak at local schools, local colleges, Edinburgh University and the University of St Andrews. I really enjoy it. I mainly speak about entrepreneurship, …


2016: Change your attitude, change your life

Change your attitude

Like me, you’ve probably read all the positive 2016 new year messages on the Internet about how 2016 is going to be the best year ever, and it’s great to see all the ambition – I thrive on it.

But there are a few posts on Facebook from people I care about that concerned me, and this is for anyone who thinks that 2016 won’t bring them anything new.

5 reasons why you should run your own conference

Chris Marr - Conference

Since 2013 I have run quite a number of workshops and live/in-person events. When I look back over the past 15 years of my working career I have facilitated probably 100s of training events and workshops. From 2001-2011 I worked …

Deciding not to decide

Decision Making

Most of us can’t make decisions. We find it difficult for many different reasons. We find it hard because we want to please people. We find it hard because there are lots of things we could do, that we would …

What I’ve been listening to so far in 2015


Do you listen to music when you are working? Those that know me well know that I listen to a lot of podcasts and audio books for education, but there are a lot of times when I just love to …

Using Periscope to develop your ideas

Do you love creating and spreading new ideas? If so, this is a call for you to start using Periscope to add fuel to your idea machine! Over the past few months I have been following James Altucher’s advice and …


4 reasons why I started Shotokan Karate

Chris Marr Karate

I told Gordon that “I’m either in, or I’m out”. I’ve not got time to half-ass things these days, and no one ever achieved anything by ‘dipping their toe into the water’. I met Sensei Mathie for the first time …


Don’t think, write!


Are you afraid to publish your first blog article? Is that fear completely stopping you from writing or making the first step? I know that you know enough to get started, but there’s something else stopping you. Maybe it’s irrational fear, …